Friday, September 16, 2011

Bus Scroll Art - Rock Style!

Finally I have completed painting my Rock Style Bus Scroll Art in my husband's man cave that I alluded to in my last post!  I've been up late the last few nights to get it finished and I'm chuffed with the final result. 

I was inspired from my post "LCD All Things British" earlier in the year where I came across a music inspired Bus Scroll Art piece from Pixel Squared.

So firstly I made a list of our favourite bands including my husbands' band name.

I then chose a font I liked (Trebuchet) and got the spacing and size of all of the names looking right in a word document to come up with the final draft.....

Rock Bus Scroll by LCD

I then scaled up all of the letters in each word to fit into the space on the wall (lots of maths - love excel!) and printed them all and cut them out. (very time consuming!)

I traced around all of the letters in the band names onto the wall with a marker pen and then set about painting.

I chose a gloss acrylic paint (black and white) to paint the backdrop and lettering. The paint dried quickly and it was easy to clean up any boo boos! I needed a number of sized brushes to suit the different size lettering.

The rendered wall was a little rough in places making it tricky to keep the lettering straight!

I've really enjoyed this labour of love so Happy Belated Father's Day Hubby!

For more personalised Bus scroll Art contact LCD or you can visit Blueliquid Canvas Printing

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spring is here!

I just got my October issue of Home Beautiful and I've been enjoying flipping through the pages of another super issue.  It really has some great inspiration every month to get you thinking of an update to your home whether it is small or large!

Mara's Editorial is spot on!  Renovating is not just about profit but it's about making a house a home and making your renovation functional to suit your lifestyle!

I am always inspired by images I see and I keep these in a file so I can reference these for my own projects and for projects I'm working on.

So here's the things I've spied recently!

Molmic Ottoman available from David Jones in Batik Indigo this fabric is just gorgeous! image from DJ's Spring Catalogue
Don't forget all the beautiful Flowers that come with spring time!   So get planting! or buy some flowers to brighten a room.  Floral themes are still extremely popular and here's one that caught my eye.

I love this country style room with a homage to Laura Ashley!  and the lovely cornflower blue and white pallette! image Best Interior

I love this bumpy style grass! Not only for the look but for the low maintenance "no mow" quality! image tranquilhavens it is known as "Zoysia Tenuifolia" can create some interest in a small backyard.
Bus Scroll Art is still popular!  I've been working on a mural "music" style for my husband's man cave that I'm hoping to have finished at the end of the week so I can show you all my hard work!  A belated Father's Day pressie. image