Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am in the midst of a spring clean! Walk in Robe Envy

I decided to attack my walk in robe at home and so there's been little time for posting!  I have pretty much removed the contents which was starting to overcrowd what little space was left including hubby's guitars and I'm now rearranging and had most of it complete before last weekend....(I'm still sorting through all the things that didn't belong in the cupboard in the first place and finding new homes for them)
Having great storage is really the key to having a wardrobe you can find things in EASILY! Whether it be shoes or a belt or a fave item of clothing - a nicely organised wardrobe is heaven for us girls with a passion for fashion or a shoe fetish! 
The Malm comes in a variety of sizes and colours.  Fairly easy to put together!
We had started to out grow the space because my fabric collection for "future" projects was starting to take over this area along with the musical equipment so I'm reclaiming it!  I've gone with some simple storage from Ikea - a chest of drawers and some storage boxes for my cube style shelving.
The Lekman from IKEA comes in a variety of colours
So now here's some pics of some "ideal" wardrobe's if only there was more room for one in my house - a girl can dream!

This is a wonderfully designed robe by German company Raumplus on the Architonic website
Calling all the single ladies! A wardrobe you'd sell your favourite pair of shoes for - Carrie's closet from SATC series

Carrie's all grown up and married to Big in the movie SATC2 and I have to say this would be heaven at my place! I love the bench seat in the middle. It's spacious and stylish with plenty of room for his or hers!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fabric Inspiration

Just a quick post from me as I'm still in the depths of a major spring clean (I know it's Winter!) including an overhaul of my walk in robe.

I made a quick trip to Spotlight the other day to help my mum choose some fabric for a project and I couldn't help myself - I spied this fabric on the roll and I couldn't go without snapping some up for myself!

Opera Floral Navy print on cream background!

So I'm thinking some cushions for my outdoor lounge.  Stay tuned for this project hopefully later in the week.....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Queen's Birthday Long Weekend - Fit for a Royal!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Queen's Birthday Long Weekend.  I have to say mine was very enjoyable! 

Thought I'd share some inspiration for a look fit for a relaxed Birthday celebration in honour of the Q.B. (which was actually in April) or a lazy long weekend!

Perfect spot on this plantation style verandah for a Birthday lunch or Sunday afternoon get together image from interiordezign blog
I didn't say practical but it is beautiful and girly and perfect for a celebration! (keep the kids out he he he)  The chandeliers are the icing on the cake! Image truelockequalstruelove blog

This one is a little more practical and I just love the all white! Perfect for a Breaky with family and friends or a romantic one for two! Image Vanilla Press

I just love this mix of rustic (table top) meets new and urban (glossy white bench seat) the floral pendant lamps and table runners are gorgeous! image

Friday, June 10, 2011

Babushka Beanbag version 2 Finished!

Well I've finally got around to finishing off the Babushka Beanbag version II for my eldest daughter. 

Here's the bag finished prior to the stuffing! (The fun messy part)
Here's Mrs Blonde bombshell Babushka full of beans!

Here the two Babushka Bean Bags Meet!
and here's the kids about to enjoy a Star Wars Flick on the two bean bags!  Only one large cushion revival to go!

click here to see my previous post on the first Babushka bean bag

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Winter is here today!

Winter is here today in Brisvegas!  It reached a maximum in my car today of 13deg and now has dropped down to 11deg which is highly unusual! Apparently our coldest day in Brisbane for 11 years.

Beautiful Winter Wonderland in Oakville, U.S. image from Brampton Remax
Whilst Queensland is not known for being a winter wonderland like the snowy image above; it does snow occasionally in Stanthorpe and the mercury can get down to 4deg on a Winter morning.  We usually have beautiful crisp days with clear blue skies and the weather at the moment is more akin to a European Winter's Day!

So how do we make our homes cosy and warm for winter and not always resorting to the heater or reverse cyle air conditioning. (although mine is cranked at the moment!) Get out your favourite blanket or quilt or better still get creative and make one.  Knitting or Quilting is a great winter past time and keeps you warm while your making it!  If you're not crafty then treat yourself and buy a new throw, blanky or robe I think you'll need it this winter!

So I'll share some cosy and warm spaces to inspire you on a cold winter's night, featuring gorgeous cosy blankets and quilts!

Gorgeous chunky cable knit blanket looks great to snuggle in on a winter's morning! Especially with breakfast in bed! image from syelyfashionshow2011 blog
Heritage cottage bedroom with antique furniture and quilted bedspread for extra warmth on the grand four poster bed! image from whitebedroomphotos blog

A modern stylish bedroom has been given extra warmth with the addition of a shag rug which is a soft contrast to the leather upholstered sleek bed and furnishings (I adore the chandelier too!) image from bedroominteriordesign

If knitting a blanket such as the one pictured here is all dutch to you??? click on the link to Home Life for a pattern and instructions!
A Simple Quilt which adds such warmth and freshness to this bedroom and would be fairly simple to make for any novice quilter! image from iheartluxe