Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am in the midst of a spring clean! Walk in Robe Envy

I decided to attack my walk in robe at home and so there's been little time for posting!  I have pretty much removed the contents which was starting to overcrowd what little space was left including hubby's guitars and I'm now rearranging and had most of it complete before last weekend....(I'm still sorting through all the things that didn't belong in the cupboard in the first place and finding new homes for them)
Having great storage is really the key to having a wardrobe you can find things in EASILY! Whether it be shoes or a belt or a fave item of clothing - a nicely organised wardrobe is heaven for us girls with a passion for fashion or a shoe fetish! 
The Malm comes in a variety of sizes and colours.  Fairly easy to put together!
We had started to out grow the space because my fabric collection for "future" projects was starting to take over this area along with the musical equipment so I'm reclaiming it!  I've gone with some simple storage from Ikea - a chest of drawers and some storage boxes for my cube style shelving.
The Lekman from IKEA comes in a variety of colours
So now here's some pics of some "ideal" wardrobe's if only there was more room for one in my house - a girl can dream!

This is a wonderfully designed robe by German company Raumplus on the Architonic website
Calling all the single ladies! A wardrobe you'd sell your favourite pair of shoes for - Carrie's closet from SATC series

Carrie's all grown up and married to Big in the movie SATC2 and I have to say this would be heaven at my place! I love the bench seat in the middle. It's spacious and stylish with plenty of room for his or hers!

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