Monday, March 28, 2011

Main Beach Unit

The flu has not been kind to me or the kids last week but I'm back on deck and getting a design together for a client in Main Beach.  The work is going to take place later in the year but we want to get all the details nutted out so we can order everything and get it installed in a short time frame.

The client has some criteria which will be a challenge to meet - tight budget, robust design for holiday tenants and most of all looks fantastic!  So going with these guidelines here's some pics which I am looking at which are giving me some direction and inspiration for renovation of the bathroom/ensuites.

Whilst the client doesn't have the luxury of large space, I really love the stark contrast of this Metricon bathroom from their Lindrum display home.

This is a classic look - great use of fresh but subtle tones.

This is from fy bathrooms and kitchens check out their link for more great images! 

F&*$ Yeah Bathrooms & Kitchens

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fabric Addiction!

I have admitted to my fabric addicition in my earlier blogs, and the only way I can curb it is to not even enter a fabric store which are few and far between; but now with so many great stores online I don't know how I'll be able to control myself!  I thought I'd share a few of my faves with you.  Firstly a fabulous artist and blog Thea and Sami.  All of the fabrics are hand printed!  and have such striking prints and they are based in Brisbane.

Check out all of the wonderful fabric artworks at...
PEACOCK PARTY - Natural Flax Linen

Fabric print designed by Thea Samios and hand-printed on natural flax linen, visit them at Thea & Sami
Next is an online store based in Victoria with a fabulous selection of fabrics and aptly named Kelani Fabric Obsession

Kelani Fabric Obsession

This is fabric from my local fabric store - it is truly like a kids candy shop!  Enter with caution and credit card ready!
The Quilters' Store 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Babushka Bean Bag Finished!

I got to finish off the bean bag today in between all of my domestic chores!  I did lots of socialising on the weekend, and not enough sewing, so it's taken a little longer to complete than I thought.  I also bought a bit more fabric as the pattern I drafted turned out a little bigger than planned and I didn't have enough of the vintage red cord fabric.

I made a calico liner bag first to test the pattern out and also to hold the poly beans this also helps to prevent them popping out from the outer-zipper!

Here's the bean bag before the inner bag and beans have been put inside.

  The bag really comes to life once the beans go inside (I also added a bow)....

and best of all was seeing my daughter's reaction as she sat in the bag and then gave her a kiss! Now I have to get sewing and finish another one for my eldest daughter!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Home Show - Brisbane

I visited the Brisbane Home Show today as we're tossing some ideas around about rehashing the backyard and making some changes to our paved outdoor entertaining area.  I'm still mulling over my ideas on that project after today.

There were a couple of standout exhibitors though and two in particular I thought I'd share with you.

Firstly the gorgeous homes of Storybook Cottages for more go to

© Copyright - Storybook Cottages (Aust.) P/L
© Copyright - Storybook Cottages (Aust.) P/L
and then Lethbridge Gallery had some great Artwork on display and more on their website and in the gallery at Paddington.

My favourite piece at the homeshow....
Sow the Wind
by Brett Lethbridge
Limited Edition Print

I also got some time to go fabric shopping on the way!  I am working on a project for my kids and I'm going to attempt some bean bags a little out of the ordinary.  I am a dangerous woman in a fabric store, I just can't get enough!  I have to admit it's the same for me at Bunnings.  But with the kids in toe I was only able to gather up 5 rolls and with no hands free, it was time to go to the counter.  I'll give you a sneak peak of the fabrics I've purchased.

For the girls...

Great cord fabric in fuchsia spot, pale pink & matching turquoise fuchsia floral print
Vintage cherry red cord from my Nana's collection and gorgeous babushka doll cotton print from The Quilters store.

For my little man....
Red & Navy cord with white star print - I'm going to use this fabric to recover a vintage velvet cushion of my grandfathers which is nearly 1m square.

 I'm hoping to get the first of these finished off tomorrow, but this may be a little ambitious as I haven't started drafting and modifying the pattern I've got! Will keep you posted!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The key to an exterior makeover - a fresh paint colour

Gotta love the lifestyle channel! I enjoy this channel when I'm on holidays and I can always find something interesting to watch particularly my fave show Grand Designs! This article on the Lifestyle Channel website shows a colour change for the exterior of this home that has turned drab to fab! Colour is, I would say the most important element in this example. If you get the colour scheme right, then that can be the key to a successful design and makeover project, Well done!

Increase the value of your home with paint - LifeStyle Channel
This image is from the Lifestyle Channel Website - Selling Houses Australia Extreme!  What a dramatic difference

 Here's a house I worked on locally, which demonstrates how a whole new look can be created for a home with a few minor changes and a new coat of paint with a fresh colour scheme.
BEFORE - Image by Little Cove Designs

AFTER - Image by Little Cove Designs
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