Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Babushka Bean Bag Finished!

I got to finish off the bean bag today in between all of my domestic chores!  I did lots of socialising on the weekend, and not enough sewing, so it's taken a little longer to complete than I thought.  I also bought a bit more fabric as the pattern I drafted turned out a little bigger than planned and I didn't have enough of the vintage red cord fabric.

I made a calico liner bag first to test the pattern out and also to hold the poly beans this also helps to prevent them popping out from the outer-zipper!

Here's the bean bag before the inner bag and beans have been put inside.

  The bag really comes to life once the beans go inside (I also added a bow)....

and best of all was seeing my daughter's reaction as she sat in the bag and then gave her a kiss! Now I have to get sewing and finish another one for my eldest daughter!

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  1. That bean bag is too cute!!!! looks like a real hit with your little girl!

    Quiltingly Yours