Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wish List #25 External Colour

Firstly on the Christmas in July Turkey front I wasn't able to get a Turkey from my local grocery store today, but on the weekend I plan to make a scrumptious Turkey loaf which I made last Christmas because we were away (we didn't have the usual weber) and it turned out fab!  I'll try and post the recipe and a pic on the weekend.

Now we are looking at giving our home a new coat of external paint and while I have some colours in mind it's also nice to take a look at some other ideas.  Here's what I found.
I love the glow of this Manly house the creamy vanilla shade with the french grey just magic! image via porchlightinteriors blog

Late with a creamy white contrast to the windows Image

An almost Kahki tint to the coffee colour image

This grand home is painted with a light coffee colour and white for the house features/accents which compliments the dark slate roof Image
So many choices!

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