Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wish List #17 Lamps when you need some subtle lighting!

I really love lamps, the bases and the shades! So many different styles and colours to choose from and again not enough rooms to put them in!  But here are the ones I'd put on my wish list.

These lamps from No Chintz may inspire you to cover your own!  Find a vibrant fabric, a shade you like the shape of, cover and voile a new look lamp image nochintz.com
This is an ultra modern glitzy glam lamp and would suit an ultra modern fitout! more details from hardwaresphere.com

Traditional Glass base mixed with a modern shade with a pink pop! image freshdesignblog.com 

Bauble lamps have been on the radar for a long while now and I still love their glamour image hyggenook.com

and another take on the bauble lamp thisnext.com

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