Friday, July 8, 2011

Wish List #7 Champers for Friday! Celebratory Paraphernalia!

It's Friday and it's countdown till Champagne o'clock! The kids are playing so nicely this afternoon because they have a friend over, my house is reasonably tidy and I'm looking forward to a good night with a few friends and staying in to watch a movie SATC style.  So todays post is all about celebrating the end of the week TGIF! 
Champagne is best chilled in a wine bucket! image from the lovely blog where my heart is

I love the shape of this antique wine bucket which I found on a U.S. site sullysrental. Ebay has a great selection to choose from if you're looking for a unique bucket!

So I'm sharing some images that inspire me to celebrate this Friday with family and friends and the essential wine paraphernalia, which would be nice to have....

An ideally shaped Champagne glass from Speigelau available online from kitchenware direct

Glasses don't just have to be for drinking they are fabulous used as a vase. I love the colourful morroccan glasses and flowers used to decorate the table! image from The Knot
The kitchen has great storage for glassware and no better way than to keep the host company than to gather around the stainless steel bench for a few celebratory drinks! Image from interior-design-for

A freestanding cabinet can be a charming way to store glassware and keep it free from dust, particularly if you have a limited amount of storage space in the kitchen.
Image from Country Homes & Interiors on the wonderful Marley and Lockyer Blog

Nothing better than a beautiful old riddling rack to store your wine collection these are available from Antiques and Interiors

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