Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekend Wish #1 Cushions and #2 Fresh Flowers

Well it's been a busy weekend so two wishes in one day!

Wish #1 Cushions.  They are such a quick way to change a room and teamed with a lovely throw can lift the look of any old couch!  They can also be relatively inexpensive or extremely extravagant, you can buy them, make them or revamp them!  Here's the few I've chosen for my first wish list item of July!
I love these so much I've already bought a few Rapee Cusion Morocco Can Can Taupe available from all good homewares stores. Image from Rapee
Etsy is a wonderful source of beautifully handmade items, and for cushions which are unique and not widely available, it's definitely a place for wonderful finds!

 These lovely cushions are made of beautiful fabrics and are available from the Etsy store PillowMio

Another favourite store of mine is the Alfresco Emporium. They currently have these gorgeous hand-embroidered cushions and they are available on-line!

Cushions from Alfresco Emporium among the many beautiful things from this store!

Wish #2 Fresh Flowers!

Now you don't need to wait until Christmas for these!  I don't buy flowers on a very regular basis but I do love visiting the flower markets and I do splurge on myself every so often with my favourite blooms.  I had a girls get together over the weekend so I went all out and bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the my favourite florist at the markets Flowerlovers (the name says it all!).

They are just stunning!  A bouquet of Snap dragons, ornamental cabbage, red roses (roses my no. 1 favourite flower), chrysanthemums, foliage, berries! The photos don't really do this arrangement justice with such a variety of hues.

Here's a beautiful arrangement featured on the House Beautiful website.

This arrangement features two of my favourite Blooms Peonies and Roses.  It is a classic style because they have selected different blooms but all white in colour and broken up by some green foliage.

Hydrangeas simply pop it into your favourite vase nothing to arrange - whether they are blue or pink they make a gorgeous centre piece due to the variation in colour. 

                      One large bloom or a large grouping of blooms  Hydrangeas are a simple flower with a lovely romantic feel -image from SPW blog

Stay tuned for wish #3 tomorrow....or should I say today it's 1am!

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