Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wish List #27 Christmas in July Dinner

Well, blogging everyday (I only missed a couple) for the last month has been fun, exhausting, challenging and I hope you enjoyed it too!

It gave me a chance to focus on a large number of my favourite things; and to share these with you throughout the whole month of July.

I had a lovely Christmas in July inspired dinner with my family last night.  Here's my turkey loaf and the table set festively with green and red.

Christmas in July table and Turkey Loaf

The turkey loaf was scrumptious and I promise to share the recipe tomorrow, but for now I'm exhausted so I'm going to have an early night!

So I hope you've enjoyed the last month of Wish List posts as much as I've enjoyed blogging and I'm hoping to report on some more projects during August.

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