Friday, August 31, 2012

Bye Bye Winter, Hello Spring!

Last Day of Winter today and we were treated with another sunny blue sky gorgeous day in Brisbane!

Glorious white captures a Wintery mood for this day bed image

Here's another Winter Daybed scene.

This has a lovely cosy warm feel due to the rug and woollen blanket with the sun streaming in the large windows. image designlike

Now it's time to put away the blankets and celebrate as it's Spring Eve.

While this interior has a lot of white like the first "Wintery"  daybed picture, this interior has warmth due to the lattice print cushions and upholstery, the natural coloured matt and timber floor.

Florals will give you a Spring look every time.  I love the blue and white combination of floral lattice wallpaper, and floral wallpaper lined cabinet image

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  1. 'Spring Eve' - I love that idea. How lovely to prepare in such an organised way. I really like the rituals I go through getting ready for new seasons...but I reckon I should learn a thing or two from you...must get more organised!