Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Renovation Blitz

October was a busy renovating month with a few new projects kicking off and some coming to a close. 

I'm also excited as the painters arrived at my place  last week to paint the high side of my house and those rooftop gables; and they finished yesterday, yippee!

Take a look at our newly painted abode!

More before and after's to come! Just to refresh your memory the weatherboards are Dulux Natural Stone, Sunhoods in Antique White USA and Window Trims and Gutter in Ironstone.
So while I've been working on new and old projects I've spied some Inspiring things along the way to share with you!

This is a gorgeous eclectic blend of girly part-embroidered flower wallpaper, rose gold pendants, traditional timber table and modern simple white kitchen and floating staircase! image Fromental 

Armadillo & Co. have a very swoon worthy rug collection!  They also offer a designer service for rug patterns to be made in a large colour pallette. To see their full range go to
Sometimes there's something you just have to have! This is the sloane coffee table from Coco Republic.  It would definetly sit pride of place in my dream house! 

Sometimes it's worth saving for that one signature piece and then you can find items that you have or that are more inexpensive and they help you to create the theme and your room will evolve from there!

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