Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have a soft spot for Timeless Timber!

I have to say I have a soft spot for Timber furniture and Timber floors. Quite a few of the blogs I've been reading also confirm my belief that timber finishes and furniture really are part of a classic style and bring warmth to a room. Whether it's white wash "Shabby Chic" or the classic warm tones of hardwood floors or a chair or table made from teak or recycled timber through to an antique finish. If you choose the right pieces of timber furniture with a classic theme or style (furniture you fall in love with at first sight) you can keep these items and change the accessories and the colour scheme of the room and still have a new look. Timber items don't have to be matching and in the same style, but you can tie the items together through the use of complementing accessories.

I think the post on the connect furniture blog (http://blog.connectfurniture.com.au/post/1421068476/which-wood-you-choose) really summed up my feelings about timber, hey I even have timber as the background image on my blog!

"The beauty of timber furniture is always in the eye of the beholder. We are unique individuals and as such different timbers will “speak” to people differently. I watch every week as those frequenting my showroom reach out their hand and run it along the length of the timbers in our showroom tables as if reaching out to nature."

So here's some images where Timber is the key to the room's appeal.

Image Home Beautiful March 2011 by  Daniela Mac Adden - "Shabby Chic" Dining Setting are such a gorgeous contrast to the salvaged cinnamon timber floor

Master Bedroom Photo by Little Cove Design - 100 Year old Recycled Hoop Pine Bed, Timber Venetions, Timber lampstands
Devine Flooring (and image) by Absolute Timber Flooring complements the gorgeous kitchen and entry/staircase
French traditional furniture with modern styling love it! Gorgeous flooring again. Home of Cape Cod Designs Founder - Photo from Home Beautiful May 2010
Sydney Morning Herald Photo - South Australian Summer House features Dark Timber bar stools and Light Laminate table great contrast with the Cool White Decor and fabulous print.
Modern sleek kitchen with warm timber flooring under foot! Photo by Maree Homer Home Beautiful

Click on the link below for some more great images! 

VT Interiors - Library of Inspirational Images: Warm of timber


  1. Hey.. Those are really good use of timber .. It looks great !!

  2. That's True! Timber Furniture and flooring always gives a classic style and bring warmth to a room. I too renovated my House last month and half of my furniture's are solid timber furniture that I bought from Naturally Timber. I don't have words to express how elegant and vibrant my house looks right now! I am delighted to stay in such a beautiful home.

  3. Timber floors are great for every houses. It provide elegance and great style on your beautiful and gorgeous house!