Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mini Makeover Part One - for a dirt patch!

After many attempts for the grass to grow up to our outdoor paved area, I thought it was time for a quick solution!

Great hardy mondo grass ready for planting!
A few bags of sand, some nice river pebbles and some leftover sandstone pavers from the front path and some greenery in the form of decorative mondo grass and voile!

Tired dusty strip ready for a makeover!
So away with the whispy shoots of dry grass and weeds, a bit of muscle and a shovel to level the area.

I spread the sand and levelled the pavers and used the river pebbles as a feature around the pavers. Then I planted a row of mondo grass between the gaps of the layed pavers.

All the hard work is done, now time to water the new plants and hose off the pavers.

The great colours in the sandstone are able to be seen now that they've been hosed down.

Part 1 complete and Part 2 to follow..... more planting and important drainage and TLC to the remaining lawn!

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