Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mini Makeover - Part Two for a dirt patch

There was a little more digging in stage 2 than I anticipated.  I also came across some existing drainage I was unaware of and lots of lumps of concrete to dig up. I made a good start on digging the drainage trench and a big storm on Saturday morning put a stop to any work but did help to soften the ground!

tough digging and an unexpected inground drainage pipe!
I was able to repair the pipe with some agi pipe (slotted pipe) and the drainage line running parallel to the pavers has allowed a great place to connect the trench drain to!

I levelled the ground in the trench and laid the drain on a smooth sand base to a fall so the water will drain into the existing pipe and the trench grate drain is also level with the pavers.  The trench grate drain is a great product that comes in 1m lengths from Bunnings and is able to be clipped together and easily cut to length with a handsaw. (Tip: run water in your grate to ensure that the water flows in the right direction before backfilling)

Ahh finished all that digging!  Now just had to backfill the trench with small aggregate (rocks) and soil and plant the remaining mondo grass and place the river pebbles!

Voile won't be long and the grass will grow up to the grate!

Now I have another tired area to plan in the garden, stay tuned......


  1. I love the little pebbles in between.

  2. It's looking lovely already!! That's a great idea to cover the drains. I can see already that it's going to look gorgeous!