Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back from my Hiatus! with Chinese Lanterns

Apologies for my absence from my blog!  I've been laying low while trying to recover from my my bad back - a result of too much gardening and chronic tonsilitis!  I'm finally feeling ready to take on the world just in time for my 7 year old's disco party!

An apple on the go as well as strawberries with leaves to come and watermelon minus the seeds!
So I've been fundraising for a charity function and taken on a quiet task while I've been recuperating!  Creating fruit with crochet!  This is a Christmas gift in the making for my 2 year old so I am getting the hang of crochet after not doing any since highschool. Here's the "Fruits" of my labour so far.....

So once I've created the disco cake for the weekend I'll get back into my mini- makeovers - Stay tuned! But here's some party inspiration for you to enjoy-have a fabulous weekend!

These floating lanterns are popular at weddings and festivals image from Wish Lantern

I love these White Paper Chinese lanterns that I photographed at the Paul Kelly Concert back in July such simple, fabulous and effective set decoration! (Meet Me In the Middle of the Air Brisbane Riverstage)
Same Decorative Chinese Lanterns using the same feature but giving a totally differrent look for an airy garden party feel!  Both of these images are from Factory Direct Craft

This brilliant pop of colour reminds me of an Alice in Wonderland Moment - this image and many gorgeous others can be found at
Chinese Lanterns are fairly inexpensive and lanterns of many colours and sizes can be found at your local discount store for as little as $4!  I only hope mine can help transform my garage for the party!

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