Sunday, February 19, 2012

One woman painting a house!

Yes you read it right!  I have taken on the crazy challenge of one woman (ie me) painting the house.  My outdoor makeover just wouldn't have the same wow factor without a change of colour so I've decided to start with those walls and go from there.  It will also allow us to live with the new colour which I love btw before finishing off the rest of the house! 

So here's some before pics (I didn't choose the original house colour fyi)......

All sanded and washed down ready for painting!

And here's the nearly finished product.
Here's the new colour 1st coat!  I have chosen Dulux Natural Stone for the main weatherboard wall colour, Antique White USA for the Windows and Ironstone for the trims. 

 A little sunny but two coats done and just the window and trim to finish off and the new colour has made a dramatic difference.
 Now whilst I'm optimistic about doing as much of it as I can, I don't think I'll be climbing the roof to paint the faux dormers so I may have to call a painter in for that, but I'm going to give the rest of it my best shot!

So once the window and trim is done then it's back to prep (sanding and washing down of the next wall!)

I'll be posting my progress throughout the months fitting in around my busy family and worklife and hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves!


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