Monday, July 23, 2012

Holiday Style

When it's time for a holiday, and you can't have one. Then the next best thing is to dream about one!
What could be more romantic than a snowy getaway? This gorgeous ski lodge may be far away from Sunny Brisvegas, but it congers up images of a crackling fireplace and toasting marshmallows! image

For something closer to home and to escape the Winter chill here's a few places to keep you island dreaming.

Bedarra Island Executive Retreat. Simple! Relaxing!

Pool check, day bed check, romantic suite check Coco Palm Boduhithi

I love the large glazed panels and doors letting in an abundance of sunlight into the fantastic space with open plan living and warehouse high ceilings! Abu Dhabi island villa

 So keep on dreaming, but enjoy the holiday style from your living room!

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