Thursday, April 14, 2011

My fave things in Red & White

I am in the throws of organising my son's super hero party this weekend and was up late making transformers icing faces last night to put on a large cake and some cupcakes.  While I was tidying up the back garden today my darling Mr Nearly 4  decided he was a little hungry and preceded to eat 5 or so plus some stars and also a tiny nibble of the large face too.

what's left over of my star and transformer face cake toppers! after a hungry Birthday boy eats them before the cakes are even made.

Luckily I didn't throw out the left over icing last night, so I shouldn't be up too late tonight making the faces again and patching up the teeny bite taken out of the bottom of the large face too!

So it's a quick post from me - three of my favourite things in my favourite colour combination of red and or white!

Smeg 330L retro refrigerator available in assorted colours - I love the red one it's my favourite colour!

I have one of these great folding wooden chairs, I picked mine up from the Paddington Antique store for a great price.  It just needed a fresh coat of white paint and it's been a fantastic chair for my small office/guest room.  When visitors come to stay and the sofa bed comes out it can be folded away in the cupboard until their stay comes to an end.
I love this Circus Silhouettes wallpaper by Catherine Martin available through Porter's Paints. I love the red but also available in blue.  I first saw this back in 2008 in a Home Beautiful article and it is still a favourite of mine!

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