Friday, April 29, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

Well the big day is here - only a few hours to wait!  What will Kate wear?  Will the weather be beautiful? All will be revealed 8pm tonight Australian time.
Liberty Display London for the Royal Nuptuals

In typical Wedding tradition I thought I'd explore something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!

Vintage China
The old represents the past or your family history.  A gorgeous old tea set or favourite chair/piece of furniture handed down from a relative - there can be nothing more precious. I use my nana's hall table as a desk, and a cherry wood plant stand to display some framed photos and nic nacs.  I have also restored my grandmother's rocking chair.  These are all well loved pieces in our home.

Vintage hall table with modern lamps by Tammy Mitchell
Something New represents the future & goodluck and is often the bride's wedding dress.

Something new for the home might be as simple as a fresh display of flowers - nothing like it to freshen a room and give it some life.
This is the dining room at my old house with a fresh bunch of Lillies and Irises on the table ready for an "open house" Inspection.

Something Borrowed for a wedding was an item borrowed from a friend who has a successful marriage it is also supposed to be returned.

It might have been a piece of jewellery or in the case of your home it might be a treasured gift or homeware accessory (that you love and won't be returning in this case!)  I have babysit precious items or plants for loved ones or friends while they are O.S. or moving house etc and while not permanent these make a great addition if you have the room.  But a new gift of candles, a plant or accessory can be a welcome addition to a room.

A Beautiful mirror is a focus as well as the crystal collection and ornate frame on the side table. A lovely space.

A new bowl or a collection can become a decorating feature

Something Blue is a symbol of faithfulness, purity and loyalty!

I saw this gorgeous blue and white tablecloth yesterday when I was at the beautiful new Brisbane store/cafe Hamptons Home Living

Fit for a Royal residence this is a very Elegantly styled "dream" pale blue scheme. The blue and white is a beautiful contrast to the polished timber floorboards.

This is another gorgeous interior accented with the blue stripe on the chairs, and pale aqua blue striped wallpaper.
This bold blue really makes a statement! I really love the artwork and the floral wallpaper and rug teamed with the timber chairs
So good luck to the new couple may they live a long and happy life together!

I'm looking forward to watching it with my children tonight and I've pulled out a few of the souvenirs I was given at the time of Charles and Di's Wedding back in 1981, to show them. (nearly 30 years ago!)

My Charles & Diana souvenir pop-up book and china cup.

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  1. I LOVE the idea of the Something old, Somethinbg new for a post...and, oh my, what gorgeous things you've chosen!!!