Sunday, April 3, 2011

A weekend at the Beach

The beach is my favourite place by far and last weekend I had the most fantastic mini-break at Salt Kingscliffe with my family.  It was great to go back and stay at the resort after working on the project back in 2005 ish... We had a fab bike ride alongside the foliage lined beach path.  Caught sight of some rabbits which the kids loved.  I took in some of the great houses that back onto the breathtaking beach.

Salt Pool area Kingscliffe image from

It was fantastic to getaway from it all and I have come back very relaxed and longingly looking at pictures of other beach inspired designs and at my own holiday snaps, so I thought I'd share a few...
Love the rustic sign from this tourist spot in the Hamptons and might use this for inspiration for a piece of artwork for the Main Beach unit I'm working on.
I really love the warm and airy feel of this outdoor area as blogged by Ness on her fabulous blog My Virtual Beach House
I could look at this view all day as pictured in SMH from Stanwell Park NSW Beach house featured in the article "A Taste of the Good Life" Sydney Morning Herald
This kitchen/dining area has stunning light filtering into the room at possibly sunrise? The Okitu House (New Zealand) designed by Pete Bossley 
Travel is a wonderful source of inspiration so if you have a picture you love from your travels or someone else's for that matter put it in your ideas file and it may spark the colour inspiration or your choice of artwork for a room or your home. I started looking through my pics from a trip to Greece from dare I say about 8 years ago these are still some of my faves.
This is my husband and I in a Taverna by Panormas beach in Mykonos (pre kids!) - such fantastic light filtering through the rustic woven roofing
Rustic front door on the island of Thirasia off Santorini Image by C. Coombes of LCD

Quintessential white and blue - another front door on the island of Thirasia.  Note the front door key has been left in the door, something you don't see very often! Image by C. Coombes of LCD

I'm hoping for no rain tomorrow as I have a bit of gardening I want to get done so better get to sleep!

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out to Marley & Lockyer. Love the shots you chose, beautiful.
    Ness xx