Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't be afraid of Colour!

After nearly 2 weeks of sick kids, rainy days and a broken washing machine (that is still waiting for parts - and is sending me slightly troppo);  I needed to look at some rooms full of bold colour!  Here's some of the one's that brightened my day!
I love the unusual colour combination of red and teal - for some great tips on teen rooms checkout Design Hole 
It's easy to stay safe with your colour choices - but you can always add bold accessories to a room and when you tire of them you can give the room a revamp!  Accessories are inexpensive and you can find great things at a vintage store or by using your creative side!  Little Cove Design can help you revamp a tired chair, lamp or a whole room!

This kitchen might not be your dream one, but they really have created a space which would inspire any "Masterchef" to make mouthwatering dishes - I could imagine sipping a champagne or two while whipping up a chocolate dessert. I love the striking colour contrast between the hot pink cabinetry and black granite benchtop it really has a fun vibe. Image from Jan Hales Designs bold favourites
Colour can inspire, and add warmth and personality to a room.

This room has personality and more!  It has a magnificent almost electric blue clawfoot bath painted to match the wall colour.  The white classic floor tiles and fixtures and furniture balance the room and allow the blue to become the feature. Image from Design Decor ...
So add some colour to your home or your favourite room - buy a new cushion or a bunch of flowers and brighten your day.

Another option to add colour is to paint your walls a vibrant hue and keep all of your furnishings in a classic white or black tone to create contrast as seen in this image

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