Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lighting to set the mood

Lighting can be extravagant, wild or subtle but it really does set the mood!  This is the vibrant bar at Byblos Portside.   It has tribal foilage lighting behind the bar where the large array of beverages are displayed.  The wooden twig pendant lights are a standout feature.
The lighting sets a great party tone at Byblos Bar, Portside Brisbane
For a similar light fitting checkout the wooden wreath pendant at Beacon lighting.
The light fitting is very similar to the bar at Byblos but the look is entirely different, earthy and beachy and is a feature even during the day available from Beacon Lighting

A moroccan style light fitting - the intricate pattern could be used in an ornate or modern setting. 

Sticking with the Moroccan theme - soft candelight is perfect for an intimate outdoor space or a cosy corner.

This cosy timber moroccon style love seat is bathed in the soft candlelight from the framed square nooks above. Image owner unknown
I love chandeliers and this bedroom displays how you can have a romantic light fitting teamed with a simply decorated room to create elegance without being over the top and too frilly.

This Bedroom has wonderful natural light and so the simple colour scheme as well as the elegance of the chandelier really tie together so well - perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon doze!
Beautifully lit with Natural Light this bedroom looks like a magic place to wake up in the morning!

A beautiful outlook to wake up to, just make sure the blinds are blockout when you're wanting to sleep in! Image from Homedit.com
Stay tuned for more great lighting blogs!

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  1. The lighting is completely gorgeous! What lovely images you've picked out. I'm completely smitten with that grey-ish bedroom. LOVE it!!