Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! A Floral Tribute.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mums out there.  I have been very spoilt today!  It started with an early evening shopping trip yesterday, my family brought home two beautiful bunches of flowers!

Here's my favourite bouquet - beautiful white Chrysanthemums with white daisies, lillies and Magnolia foliage.  I've put them in my favourite fish/rose bowl vase.

I've been lucky enough to also have my first breakfast in bed (this is my 7th Mother's Day so my kids were old enough to surprise me) and fish and chips by the beach.  So I thought I'd look at some pretty florals especially for Mother's Day!

A Laura Ashley Designed Room - I just love the light and airy feel the colours are subtle but just fabulous and romantic and it's floral without being too feminine.
This was too pretty not to include it, I love the contrast of the almost hot pink flowers and the pale green upholstery on the chairs and artwork this image is from US blogger Jan Hale Designs

Another designer synonomous with all things flowery and shabby chic - Rachel Ashwell! The beautiful colour of the peonies with the stunning chandelier and soft pink lounge in the background are just a delightful combination.
It's one thing to have a lovely floral inspired interior but the ultimate is to have a garden full of blooms, something I'm still trying to master!

This is my dream garden!  Roses are my favourite flower of all time and this garden is just picture perfect!  Photo by Klaus Nickel 

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